Travel to Pattaya

Sun and beach are the key words when talking about holidays. The travelers, wanting to forget a little city life and their stresses, are looking for islands or tropical countries where to stay. The city of Pattaya can offer what all tourists dream of: beaches, new cultures, walks and even surprises that remain to be discovered.

Wide and lively beaches

Pattaya, once a fishing village, is the first resort in Thailand. It has 100,000 inhabitants and has become the most visited city of Thailand after Bangkok. The beach is the main attraction that attracts tourists. A beach that forms an arc of 4 km and is divided into 4 zones: Naklua beach, Beach road, Jomtien beach and those of the nearby islands. Recreational parks known for their large collection of orchids and palms, crocodile farms and the tiger zoo complete the list of things to do during the holidays. Children or adults will admire the elephant races and the giant aquarium that features every 2,500 animals. One of the activities of the sea is diving, an original walk for underwater tourists. Beginners or experienced will have the opportunity to have fun in interesting aquatic sites.

A city of animation of any kind

The Beach Road is a very lively area with many shops, shopping centers. For the later layers, the walking street begins its festivals only from the twilight which only ends until very late in the night. For traffic, if the tourist wants to venture alone in town, there is the scooter rental pattaya that it is possible to rent provided an international license. Cultural shows also complement the leisure activities during the stay: multidimensional shows embracing Thai culture and modernity, cabarets with 400 artists, shows of transvestites ... The city does not lack disco, bars with orchestras, a bunch Things that should not be missed. The multitude of restaurants from different cuisines to dishes that respect the quality-price ratio. The list is not yet finished, there will always be wonderful things to do to have fun in Pattaya.